Thursday, October 15, 2009


Pharmacological action:
Picamilon nootropic means, expands brain vessels. Renders also ataractic, psychogogic, antiaggregant and antioxidant action. Improves a functional condition of a brain at the expense of normalisation metabolism tissues and influences on brain blood circulation (increases volume and linear speed of a brain blood-groove, reduces resistance of brain vessels, suppresses thrombocyte aggregation, improves microcirculation). At course reception raises physical and intellectual working capacity, reduces a headache, improves memory, normalises a dream; promotes decrease or disappearance of feeling of alarm, pressure, fear; improves a condition of patients with impellent and speech infringements.
Picamilon - rather active medical product; on pharmacological effects reminds vinpocetine, has expressed enough psyhoenergic action, anxiolytic properties are expressed slightly - picamilon cannot (as however and all the others nootropics) to replace powerful Carphedon (Phenotropil). However, it in some cases irreplaceable means for patients had a stroke and having problems with brain blood circulation, i.e. Directly influences brain vessels. Often causes nervousness, tremor and the special hyperstimulation noted at reception many nootropics which actively improve a brain blood-groove and activate adenylate cyclase. Side effects a preparation often become the reason of the termination of a course of reception (especially healthy people), however on reaching expressed nootropic effect, the preparation becomes "quieter" and is valid at many patients is shown such "Phenotropil-like" action - the stimulation accompanied anxiolytic effect that even dropping-off to sleep, but it in some cases promotes the best especially apparent at people with vascular infringements. Primary action develops quickly enough and some hours last; helps at the general weariness, a poisoning depressants CNS.
IMHO also as well as nootropil, Picamilon quite good auxiliary means at application of "heavy" medicines - neuroleptic-sedatics, tricyclic antidepressants type Elavil etc. A preparation sometimes release under the recipe though it I did not meet cases of abusing. Perspective nootropic, derivative GABA and nicotinic acid.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sirdalud (Tizanidine)

Sirdalud (Tizanidine) - relaxant skeletal muscles of the central action. The basic point of the appendix of its action is in a spinal cord. Stimulating presynaptic a2-receptors, it suppresses liberation of exciting amino acids which stimulate receptors to N-metil-D-aspartatu (NMDA-receptors). There of at level intermediate neurons a spinal cord there is a suppression polysynaptic excitation transfers. As this mechanism is responsible for a superfluous muscular tone at its suppression the muscular tone decreases. In addition to muscle relaxation properties, sirdalud renders also central moderately expressed analgetic effect.
Application: Painful spasms of muscles at backbone diseases, (including an osteochondrosis, spondylosis, syringomyelia, hemiplegia, cervical and lumbar syndromes), after surgical operations concerning a hernia of an intervertebral disk or a hip osteoarthritis, spasticity and the pains caused by neurologic diseases: a multiple sclerosis, chronic myelopathy, degenerate diseases of a spinal cord, infringement of brain blood circulation, a stroke, craniocereberal traumas, a cerebral paralysis, spasms of the central origin.
Consumers of psychiatric services people biassed and not so favour neuroleptic means from for sets of collateral actions. On such fastidious persons also it is calculated Sirdalud. Really, through an hour another after reception comes a pleasant muscular relaxation, somewhere is far on a background alarms and problems essential leave. Muscle relaxation fascinates and it is not accompanied at all by unpleasant sensations or collateral actions. Whom have already got terrible neuroleptic and to fans to relax very much I recommend a little!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Bupropion (Wellbutrin, Zyban)

Wellbutrin really unique preparation as it is really unique energizer-SNDRI (Selective inhibitors return capture noradrenaline and dopamine (SNDRI) — modern group of energizers with the minimum by-effects and good shipping. The unique representative of this class of energizers known today is Bupropion (Wellbutrin, Zyban). Distinctive features Bupropione is the small probability of inversion of a sign on a phase in mania or hypomania and small probability of provocation of "a fast cycle» — smaller, than at SSRI, and it is ready smaller, than at TCA or MAOI and other powerful energizers. In this connection Bupropion especially it is recommended to patients with the bipolar depression, inclined to inversion of a phase or development of "a fast cycle» at treatment by various energizers. Also Bupropion possesses ability to reduce requirement for nicotine and bent for to it, and also physical and mental displays nicotine abstinence in this connection under the name «Zyban» it is specially offered for simplification of disaccustoming from tobacco. The important features Bupropion are also expressed the general stimulating and psyhoenergic action (so expressed that it was classified earlier by a number of experts not as an energizer, and as a psychostimulator, despite lacking narcotic properties), and
also counterinhibition action on libido, sexual activity and quality orgazm. In connection with counterinhibition action on libido Bupropion it is often applied as the proof-reader of sexual by-effects TCA, SSRI or SNRI), and despite amphetamines the origin, really does not possess very bright narcogenic potential and is rather effective in treatment abstinent a syndrome at nicotine cancellation in tablets under a name "Zyban". Also Bupropion really raises либидо and it can be used as the proof-reader at treatment SSRI.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Ladasten (Bromantan)

Bromantan - psychostimulant with stress-protective properties, synthesised long ago in USSR and not used as a medicine, and only as an illegal dope. However now given preparation try to introduce under name Ladasten.
Each tablet Ladasten (Bromantan) contains: adamantilbromphenilamine (adamantilphenilamin)
- 50 mg and 100 mg. The chemical formula of substance: N-(2-Adamantyl)-N-(4-bromophenyl)
Ladasten is to derivatives adamantane, physical indicators physical and intellectual working capacity. In a spectrum of action of a preparation are combined promote, anxiolytic, immunostimulant actions and elements actoprotective activity. At Ladasten are absent gypnosedative and neuromuscular relaxant properties, the preparation does not possess addictive potential. At its application, unlike action typical psychostimulant, practically does not develop the phenomena hyperstimulation, and also consequences in the form of an exhaustion of functionality of an organism.
Therapeutic action Ladasten at patients with asthenic and restless-asthenic frustration is shown from first days of its application in the form of distinct reduction asthenic symptomatology, emotional pressure indicators, somatovegetative manifestation; the preparation promotes restoration of activity and endurance increase. The mechanism of action Ladasten is connected with emission strengthening dopamine from presynaptic terminal, blockade of its return capture and strengthening biosynthesis, caused gene expression tyrozine-hydrocsilaze, and also with its modulating influence on GABA-benzodiazepine-hloreionoformic receptor complex, eliminating decrease benzodiazepine reception, developing at stress. Ladasten strengthens GABA-ergic mediation, reducing gene expression, supervising synthesis GABA-transporters, carrying out return capture mediator. Ladasten it is not toxic (LD50 at rats exceeds 10000 mg/kg and more than in 100 times surpasses effective doses).
Тmax = 2-4 hours
Сmax = 336.3 ng/ml
Т1/2 = 11.21 hours
Asthenic feeling various genesis, including at somatic diseases and after the transferred infectious diseases. Neurasthenia.
Contra indications:
Pregnancy, the period lactation, age till 18 years, individual intolerance.
Mode of administration and doses:
It is applied inside, irrespective of food intake. Optimum single doses 50-100 mg, daily – 100-200 mg distributed on 2 receptions in a current of day. The preparation should not be accepted after 16 o'clock in the afternoon. Duration course applications of 2-4 weeks.
Side effects:
Displays superfluous activation and frustration dropping-off to sleep which do not demand preparation cancellation Can be marked, decrease dose is expedient. At the raised individual sensitivity to a preparation development of allergic reactions is possible. Ladasten (Bromantan) reduces hypnotic action thiopental sodium, does not weaken anxiolytic effect benzodiazepines.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Zofran (Ondansetron)

Zofran, Ondansetron antiemetic means, antagonist serotonin receptors. Thanks to the newest researches it is revealed that Zofran, Ondansetron can reduce displays of a syndrome of cancellation opioids.После revealings of the fact of participation serotonin (5-HT3) receptors in pathogenesis opioids dependences, the group of the Californian scientists has shown efficiency agonist 5-HT3 receptors zofran, in reduction of expressiveness of symptoms of cancellation opioids in experiment on rodents and in clinical research at people.
Results of research are published in online magazine «Pharmacogenetics and Genomics» on February, 17th, 2009 by group of researchers under the direction of J. Devid Klark. Scientists entered to mice within 4 days escalating doses morphin, then appointed naloxon, and considered, how many time animals jumped up within 15 minutes that is expression of physical dependence. Further were exposed euthanasia, and were investigated DNA from samples of a brain. It was spent genetic mapping and identification of the genes connected with a susceptibility to dependence from opioids. It is found out that gene 5-HT3, corresponding serotonin receptor type 5-HT3 was the leader gene-candidate. In the further experiments appointment selective antagonist 5-HT3 receptors Ondansetron considerably reduced naloxon-induced jumps at mice with dependence from morphin, and dose-related.
Researchers specify that «simultaneous appointment Ondansetron with each dose morphin during 4 day formations of dependence, reduced naloxon-mediated the answer to cancellation morphin». Then scientists have conducted research in which eight healthy volunteers of a male, before intravenous introduction morphin with the subsequent naloxon, have preliminary received medical treatment placebo or Ondansetron 8 mg. At seven of eight examinees cancellation symptoms opioids were observed.
It is shown that the given preparation possessed a wide spectrum of action, reducing all physically observable 12 symptoms of cancellation opioids. Scientists believe that «therapy 5-HT3 antagonists can solve a part of the problems connected with application opioids in medicine».

Friday, April 3, 2009


To fans nootropics I recommend to pay the attention on phenotropil. Despite structural similarity with nootropil, phenotropil is not nootrop, and psyhoenergic with elements nootropic activity and if is deeper, it carphedon, a dope because of which the Russian biathlonist Pyleva has been disqualified, and upon criminal case has been raised. Phenotropil is to derivatives phenetiloamins, and it is close therefore to psychostimulants amphetamine a number that proves to be true anorexigenic effect a preparation at course application, it psychostimulant properties and ability at long use to cause mental frustration. Phenotropil it is irreplaceable when it is required to reach quickly adaptogenic effect in extreme conditions (mountains, space etc.) and to activate metabolic exchange processes in an organism. Action phenotropil is strongest and distinct is shown at single reception in the morning after meal.
The most interesting that the action mechanism phenotropil you is no place will not find (however most likely noradrenergic.) It still has been patented for a long time under the name carphedon, then it wished to use as an energizer (high activity in the test of antagonism with rezerpine, strengthening phenamine stereotypia, effect easing geksenal On structure it is similar with anorectic "aminorex". It psychostimulant action it is observed only in the reception beginning.
The preparation does not cause accustoming - predilections, i.e. The emotional component phenotropil intoxications (10 tab.) is extremely insignificant (probably dophaminergic a component a little or is not present at all, as at sydnocarb), and motoric activation essential enough. At course application 1 month on 3 таб. In day and the sharp termination of reception a little expressed syndrome of cancellation of apatico-asthenic character was observed.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Nootropic peptide drug. Hydrolysates brain substance containing amino acids. Used because of intramuscular and intravenous injections.
Pharmacological Effects:
It promotes metabolism in brain tissue. Cerebrolysin contain biologically active amino acids and peptides, which are major parts of the cerebral metabolism. Penetrating through hematoencephalic barrier, the drug regulates intracellular exchange and enhances synaptic transmission. As a result of its introduction, increasing the efficiency of aerobic energy metabolism, improves intracellular protein synthesis, reduces the negative impact lactic acid intoxication. This effect, coupled with stimulation transsinaptic transfer provides neuroprotective effect of the drug, ie, increases the survival of neurons under conditions of hypoxia and other damaging effects.
Indications for use:
Chronic cerebrovascular insufficiency (discirculatory encephalopathy), ischemic stroke, traumatic brain injury (concussion, brain injury, condition after surgery on the brain), delayed mental development in children, disorders associated with attention deficit in children, dementia syndromes of different genesis (Alzheimer's disease, senile altsgeymerovskogo type, vascular - multiinfarkt form, mixed); endogenous depression resistant to antidepressants. Increases the effect of antidepressant drugs.
In psychiatry cerebrolysin successfully applied in psihoorganic syndrome. A 5-10 ml of intravenous jet. The treatment consists of 20-25 injections. Appointment of one of the most effective measures of compensation defect of mental activity in dementia of different genesis. Drip intravenous injection of 10-20 ml 100-250 ml of isotonic solution of sodium chloride (treatment - injections 20-30) reached a temporary reversal of memory and attention on improving the daily life activity. Therefore, the appointment of dementia showed repeated courses of treatment cerebrolysin.
For children with intellectual disabilities drug appoint intramuscularly at 1-2 mL daily for a month. Similar courses can be repeated 2-3 times a year. When Moderate mental defect is preferable to use it.
In endogenous depression resistant to antidepressants, improvement of the patients is usually 10-15 after intravenous (5 ml). After the sessions, and Electro-insulin-shock therapy mental activity of the patients recovered after 3-5 intravenous drip product introductions 10-15 mL in 100-250 ml of isotonic solution of sodium chloride.


Cortexin peptide drug is largely similar to the cerebrolysin, used also by intramuscular injection.
Pharmacological Effects: The drug improves cerebral metabolism. Cortexin represents liofilizat obtained by acetate extract from the bark of the brain of cattle or pigs, which contains low-molecular active neuropeptides, the molecular weight of not more than 10 000 dalton, sufficient to penetrate through hematoencephalic barrier.
Cortexin has a unique multi-effects on the brain, as demonstrated in metabolic regulation, neuropatronage, functional neuromodulation, neurotrophic activity. Cortexin improves the efficiency of energy metabolism of brain cells, improves the intracellular synthesis of protein, regulates the processes of oxidation of lipids in cells of the brain reduces the formation of free radicals, blocking the processes of free-radical oxidation. The product eliminates the imbalance of braking and excitatory amino acids, has a moderate GABA-ergic action.
The drug has a positive effect in violation of cognitive function, improves concentration, short-term memory, learning ability, accelerates the recovery of the functions of the brain after stress effects, regulates the levels of serotonin and dopamine. It stimulates the process of mental activity, not providing excessive activation of influence, restores bioelectric activity of the brain, stimulates the reparative processes in the brain.
Indications for use: Violations of the cerebral circulation; encephalopathy of different genesis, acute and chronic encephalitis and encephalomyelitis, epilepsy, brain trauma, viral and bacterial neuroinfection; infantile cerebral palsy, delayed psychomotor and speech development in children; asthenia, memory, thinking, reducing the ability to learn.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Pramiracetam (Neupramir)

An interesting product from a group of true nootropic drug-racetames. Requires a very long course, but in practice Gerontology - unique. Effects of developing very smoothly, and is strongly expressed in some patients. It has minor side effects. It is not like pyracetam and other racetames, as the structure (, and especially to follow, though, of course, eventually all nootropic similar, but this distinction is still there in many ways.
Based on his experience, saying that pramiracetam more "calm" rather than pyracetam - some even at night take. The action develops very slowly, but reached its peak, did not seem a little - the drug is much stronger and much better than the others "racetames"; he also has a really good effect on older patients, activating acetylcholines structure; pramiracetam also increases the effect of AD. Effect of very soft start - many are taking the "placebo", but then sorry. The product is quite expensive for genuine nootropic, soft, "nesuetliv" - an excellent product selection, but the full course takes a lot of time and cost much.
Many people underestimate pramiracetam, afraid to pay for the entire course, but when the action begins, of nootropics can not even compare to anything - of course, the drug has great power, and used to improve cognitive function, and there is a discernible antidepressive effect. Pramiracetam really are the most powerful to date nootropic, really superior pyracetam many times and has the added effect of AD. It should be noted that the long duration of therapeutic effect after the lifting of the drug. Perhaps the best preparation of a group of nootropics.

Nootropil (Pyracetam)

In my practice Nootropil - a "gold standard" among the genuine nootropos, ie substances with a more selective nootropnym action ( "noos" - from Greek. Cognition, memory and "tropos" - to send to something) and on the right is headed by this a group of medicines. Activities of its high with adequate response to therapy, and it shows how sick and healthy people (as a means of improving learning processes, strengthening the memory, concentration of attention).
Indications directly to nootropil as nootrop are all kinds of cerebral circulation, atherosclerosis of brain vessels, vascular parkinsonizm and, referring directly to the instructions: "... and other diseases with the phenomenon of chronic cerebro-vascular disease, manifested in human
memory, attention, speech, dizziness and others, as well as changes in cerebral blood flow, while comatose and subcomatose states after brain injuries, and intoxications, as well as in the replacement therapy after such states. Applied also nootropil with diseases of the nervous system, accompanied by a decrease in intellectual function and mnesticheskih violations emotional-volitional sphere.
In the psychiatric practice of medicine is very active with all sorts of phenomena asthenic states emotional lability etc. The product significantly enhances the effect of TCA and other AD with sedative effect (amitriptyline, mirtazapin, mianserin, ftoratsizin, hlorprotiksen, azafen etc), in the case of SSRI etc. Drug personally, I would not recommend pyracetam apply because of the emergence or strengthening of agitation and hyperstimulation, while in treatment in the presence of a "heavy" neuroleptics, with total bad portability of psychiatric drugs pyracetam indispensable as a proofreader, removes many of the side effects and, in general, often enhancing therapies.
Pyracetam indispensable in the practice of drug abuse: chronic alcoholism (couping abstinence, delirious and subdelirious states, facilitate the flow of chronic many, complex treatment of acute and chronic poisoning from drug psychotomimetic to opioids, tranquilizers, barbiturates, many mixed treatment at various stages. Continuing the theme of intoxications it should be noted the value of ampulus nootropil in emergency medicine, with all kinds of poisons poisoning CNS, in all kinds of acute intoxication couping substances.
Healthy people nootropil shown at lower intelligence, higher loads, to improve memory and other intellectual functions in learning and mastering complex material.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Glycinum (Aminoacetic acid)

Pharmacological action:
Refers to dispensable amino acid. According to current figures, is the central neuromediators (transmitter wires) brake type action. Has a sedative effect (acalming effect on the central nervous system). It improves the metabolic processes (metabolism) in the tissues of the brain. Has a positive effect with muscular dystrophy (reducing the amount and strength of muscles).
Recommended for use in chronic stress, psychoemotional tense, with increased excitability,
emotional lability, sleeping problems. How to aid in the treatment of neurosis, neurosis-like states vegetovascular dystonia, the effects of neuroinfection and cranial injuries, encephalopathies (perinatal and other forms).
Reduces appetite for alcohol reduces the phenomenon of abstinence, depressive manifestations, increased irritability and other phenomena in patients with chronic alcoholism, improves sleep.
Reduces toxicity anticonvulsants, neuroleptics, antidepressants. When combined with hypnotics, tranquilizers and neuroleptics increases sedative effect.

Pantogam (Hopantenic acid)

Therapeutic actions:
Pantogam increases the brain's resistance to hypoxia and to action of toxic substances, it stimulates anabolic processes in the neurons, possesses anticonvulsive action, decreases the motor excitability. Pantogam also increases mental and physical capacity for work, normalizes the GABA metabolism in the chronic alcoholic intoxication.

In the clinical study of found that pantogam improves condition of patients with cerebral insufficiency exogenously-organic genesis, reduces motor excitability, activates the mental and physical performance. It is also effective at gipercinetic disorders, epilepsy, parkinsonizme, tremor, with neuroleptic syndrome, clonic form of stuttering in children.

Applied pantogam in children with intellectual disability, oligophrenia, while delaying the development of speech, and (in the complex treatment, and sometimes their own), with epilepsy, especially in small polymorphic attacks or seizures.

There is evidence of the effectiveness of pantogam (decrease pain syndrome), with trigeminal neuralgia nerve.

Designate pantogam also in conjunction with anticonvulsant means with epilepsy phenomena arrested, while neuroinfection and craniocerebral traumas.

Is also in the subcortical hyperkinesis, including (as a proof-reader) with neuroleptic extrapyramidal syndrome. On the prevention end, may be appointed concurrently with neuroleptics means.