Friday, January 30, 2009

Glycinum (Aminoacetic acid)

Pharmacological action:
Refers to dispensable amino acid. According to current figures, is the central neuromediators (transmitter wires) brake type action. Has a sedative effect (acalming effect on the central nervous system). It improves the metabolic processes (metabolism) in the tissues of the brain. Has a positive effect with muscular dystrophy (reducing the amount and strength of muscles).
Recommended for use in chronic stress, psychoemotional tense, with increased excitability,
emotional lability, sleeping problems. How to aid in the treatment of neurosis, neurosis-like states vegetovascular dystonia, the effects of neuroinfection and cranial injuries, encephalopathies (perinatal and other forms).
Reduces appetite for alcohol reduces the phenomenon of abstinence, depressive manifestations, increased irritability and other phenomena in patients with chronic alcoholism, improves sleep.
Reduces toxicity anticonvulsants, neuroleptics, antidepressants. When combined with hypnotics, tranquilizers and neuroleptics increases sedative effect.

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