Friday, April 10, 2009

Ladasten (Bromantan)

Bromantan - psychostimulant with stress-protective properties, synthesised long ago in USSR and not used as a medicine, and only as an illegal dope. However now given preparation try to introduce under name Ladasten.
Each tablet Ladasten (Bromantan) contains: adamantilbromphenilamine (adamantilphenilamin)
- 50 mg and 100 mg. The chemical formula of substance: N-(2-Adamantyl)-N-(4-bromophenyl)
Ladasten is to derivatives adamantane, physical indicators physical and intellectual working capacity. In a spectrum of action of a preparation are combined promote, anxiolytic, immunostimulant actions and elements actoprotective activity. At Ladasten are absent gypnosedative and neuromuscular relaxant properties, the preparation does not possess addictive potential. At its application, unlike action typical psychostimulant, practically does not develop the phenomena hyperstimulation, and also consequences in the form of an exhaustion of functionality of an organism.
Therapeutic action Ladasten at patients with asthenic and restless-asthenic frustration is shown from first days of its application in the form of distinct reduction asthenic symptomatology, emotional pressure indicators, somatovegetative manifestation; the preparation promotes restoration of activity and endurance increase. The mechanism of action Ladasten is connected with emission strengthening dopamine from presynaptic terminal, blockade of its return capture and strengthening biosynthesis, caused gene expression tyrozine-hydrocsilaze, and also with its modulating influence on GABA-benzodiazepine-hloreionoformic receptor complex, eliminating decrease benzodiazepine reception, developing at stress. Ladasten strengthens GABA-ergic mediation, reducing gene expression, supervising synthesis GABA-transporters, carrying out return capture mediator. Ladasten it is not toxic (LD50 at rats exceeds 10000 mg/kg and more than in 100 times surpasses effective doses).
Тmax = 2-4 hours
Сmax = 336.3 ng/ml
Т1/2 = 11.21 hours
Asthenic feeling various genesis, including at somatic diseases and after the transferred infectious diseases. Neurasthenia.
Contra indications:
Pregnancy, the period lactation, age till 18 years, individual intolerance.
Mode of administration and doses:
It is applied inside, irrespective of food intake. Optimum single doses 50-100 mg, daily – 100-200 mg distributed on 2 receptions in a current of day. The preparation should not be accepted after 16 o'clock in the afternoon. Duration course applications of 2-4 weeks.
Side effects:
Displays superfluous activation and frustration dropping-off to sleep which do not demand preparation cancellation Can be marked, decrease dose is expedient. At the raised individual sensitivity to a preparation development of allergic reactions is possible. Ladasten (Bromantan) reduces hypnotic action thiopental sodium, does not weaken anxiolytic effect benzodiazepines.


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  2. This stuff is the "Real Modifinil" in that I absolutely could not sleep, but felt absolutely NO stimulation, energy, or irritation all day or night- just calm normalcy.

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