Monday, May 25, 2009

Bupropion (Wellbutrin, Zyban)

Wellbutrin really unique preparation as it is really unique energizer-SNDRI (Selective inhibitors return capture noradrenaline and dopamine (SNDRI) — modern group of energizers with the minimum by-effects and good shipping. The unique representative of this class of energizers known today is Bupropion (Wellbutrin, Zyban). Distinctive features Bupropione is the small probability of inversion of a sign on a phase in mania or hypomania and small probability of provocation of "a fast cycle» — smaller, than at SSRI, and it is ready smaller, than at TCA or MAOI and other powerful energizers. In this connection Bupropion especially it is recommended to patients with the bipolar depression, inclined to inversion of a phase or development of "a fast cycle» at treatment by various energizers. Also Bupropion possesses ability to reduce requirement for nicotine and bent for to it, and also physical and mental displays nicotine abstinence in this connection under the name «Zyban» it is specially offered for simplification of disaccustoming from tobacco. The important features Bupropion are also expressed the general stimulating and psyhoenergic action (so expressed that it was classified earlier by a number of experts not as an energizer, and as a psychostimulator, despite lacking narcotic properties), and
also counterinhibition action on libido, sexual activity and quality orgazm. In connection with counterinhibition action on libido Bupropion it is often applied as the proof-reader of sexual by-effects TCA, SSRI or SNRI), and despite amphetamines the origin, really does not possess very bright narcogenic potential and is rather effective in treatment abstinent a syndrome at nicotine cancellation in tablets under a name "Zyban". Also Bupropion really raises либидо and it can be used as the proof-reader at treatment SSRI.

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