Friday, January 30, 2009

Pantogam (Hopantenic acid)

Therapeutic actions:
Pantogam increases the brain's resistance to hypoxia and to action of toxic substances, it stimulates anabolic processes in the neurons, possesses anticonvulsive action, decreases the motor excitability. Pantogam also increases mental and physical capacity for work, normalizes the GABA metabolism in the chronic alcoholic intoxication.

In the clinical study of found that pantogam improves condition of patients with cerebral insufficiency exogenously-organic genesis, reduces motor excitability, activates the mental and physical performance. It is also effective at gipercinetic disorders, epilepsy, parkinsonizme, tremor, with neuroleptic syndrome, clonic form of stuttering in children.

Applied pantogam in children with intellectual disability, oligophrenia, while delaying the development of speech, and (in the complex treatment, and sometimes their own), with epilepsy, especially in small polymorphic attacks or seizures.

There is evidence of the effectiveness of pantogam (decrease pain syndrome), with trigeminal neuralgia nerve.

Designate pantogam also in conjunction with anticonvulsant means with epilepsy phenomena arrested, while neuroinfection and craniocerebral traumas.

Is also in the subcortical hyperkinesis, including (as a proof-reader) with neuroleptic extrapyramidal syndrome. On the prevention end, may be appointed concurrently with neuroleptics means.

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