Saturday, January 31, 2009

Pramiracetam (Neupramir)

An interesting product from a group of true nootropic drug-racetames. Requires a very long course, but in practice Gerontology - unique. Effects of developing very smoothly, and is strongly expressed in some patients. It has minor side effects. It is not like pyracetam and other racetames, as the structure (, and especially to follow, though, of course, eventually all nootropic similar, but this distinction is still there in many ways.
Based on his experience, saying that pramiracetam more "calm" rather than pyracetam - some even at night take. The action develops very slowly, but reached its peak, did not seem a little - the drug is much stronger and much better than the others "racetames"; he also has a really good effect on older patients, activating acetylcholines structure; pramiracetam also increases the effect of AD. Effect of very soft start - many are taking the "placebo", but then sorry. The product is quite expensive for genuine nootropic, soft, "nesuetliv" - an excellent product selection, but the full course takes a lot of time and cost much.
Many people underestimate pramiracetam, afraid to pay for the entire course, but when the action begins, of nootropics can not even compare to anything - of course, the drug has great power, and used to improve cognitive function, and there is a discernible antidepressive effect. Pramiracetam really are the most powerful to date nootropic, really superior pyracetam many times and has the added effect of AD. It should be noted that the long duration of therapeutic effect after the lifting of the drug. Perhaps the best preparation of a group of nootropics.

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