Thursday, October 15, 2009


Pharmacological action:
Picamilon nootropic means, expands brain vessels. Renders also ataractic, psychogogic, antiaggregant and antioxidant action. Improves a functional condition of a brain at the expense of normalisation metabolism tissues and influences on brain blood circulation (increases volume and linear speed of a brain blood-groove, reduces resistance of brain vessels, suppresses thrombocyte aggregation, improves microcirculation). At course reception raises physical and intellectual working capacity, reduces a headache, improves memory, normalises a dream; promotes decrease or disappearance of feeling of alarm, pressure, fear; improves a condition of patients with impellent and speech infringements.
Picamilon - rather active medical product; on pharmacological effects reminds vinpocetine, has expressed enough psyhoenergic action, anxiolytic properties are expressed slightly - picamilon cannot (as however and all the others nootropics) to replace powerful Carphedon (Phenotropil). However, it in some cases irreplaceable means for patients had a stroke and having problems with brain blood circulation, i.e. Directly influences brain vessels. Often causes nervousness, tremor and the special hyperstimulation noted at reception many nootropics which actively improve a brain blood-groove and activate adenylate cyclase. Side effects a preparation often become the reason of the termination of a course of reception (especially healthy people), however on reaching expressed nootropic effect, the preparation becomes "quieter" and is valid at many patients is shown such "Phenotropil-like" action - the stimulation accompanied anxiolytic effect that even dropping-off to sleep, but it in some cases promotes the best especially apparent at people with vascular infringements. Primary action develops quickly enough and some hours last; helps at the general weariness, a poisoning depressants CNS.
IMHO also as well as nootropil, Picamilon quite good auxiliary means at application of "heavy" medicines - neuroleptic-sedatics, tricyclic antidepressants type Elavil etc. A preparation sometimes release under the recipe though it I did not meet cases of abusing. Perspective nootropic, derivative GABA and nicotinic acid.

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