Saturday, January 31, 2009

Nootropil (Pyracetam)

In my practice Nootropil - a "gold standard" among the genuine nootropos, ie substances with a more selective nootropnym action ( "noos" - from Greek. Cognition, memory and "tropos" - to send to something) and on the right is headed by this a group of medicines. Activities of its high with adequate response to therapy, and it shows how sick and healthy people (as a means of improving learning processes, strengthening the memory, concentration of attention).
Indications directly to nootropil as nootrop are all kinds of cerebral circulation, atherosclerosis of brain vessels, vascular parkinsonizm and, referring directly to the instructions: "... and other diseases with the phenomenon of chronic cerebro-vascular disease, manifested in human
memory, attention, speech, dizziness and others, as well as changes in cerebral blood flow, while comatose and subcomatose states after brain injuries, and intoxications, as well as in the replacement therapy after such states. Applied also nootropil with diseases of the nervous system, accompanied by a decrease in intellectual function and mnesticheskih violations emotional-volitional sphere.
In the psychiatric practice of medicine is very active with all sorts of phenomena asthenic states emotional lability etc. The product significantly enhances the effect of TCA and other AD with sedative effect (amitriptyline, mirtazapin, mianserin, ftoratsizin, hlorprotiksen, azafen etc), in the case of SSRI etc. Drug personally, I would not recommend pyracetam apply because of the emergence or strengthening of agitation and hyperstimulation, while in treatment in the presence of a "heavy" neuroleptics, with total bad portability of psychiatric drugs pyracetam indispensable as a proofreader, removes many of the side effects and, in general, often enhancing therapies.
Pyracetam indispensable in the practice of drug abuse: chronic alcoholism (couping abstinence, delirious and subdelirious states, facilitate the flow of chronic many, complex treatment of acute and chronic poisoning from drug psychotomimetic to opioids, tranquilizers, barbiturates, many mixed treatment at various stages. Continuing the theme of intoxications it should be noted the value of ampulus nootropil in emergency medicine, with all kinds of poisons poisoning CNS, in all kinds of acute intoxication couping substances.
Healthy people nootropil shown at lower intelligence, higher loads, to improve memory and other intellectual functions in learning and mastering complex material.

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